A Quick Guide to Properly Storing Your Motor Oil

A Quick Guide to Properly Storing Your Motor Oil

A well-maintained engine provides the most glorious feeling a car enthusiast can achieve, but it’s only possible with proper oil storage. You want to ensure your oil stays in good shape so that your vehicle’s engine keeps revving as it should. Help your vehicle go farther by reading a quick guide to properly storing your motor oil.

Choosing the Right Storage Space

The first step in this guide is picking the best sanctuary for your oil. But the spot can’t be some measly corner of a room. The oil needs to be in a cool and dry place. But why? Because excess moisture is a mortal enemy to motor oil. Picture it like oil's very own kryptonite. Pick a spot that doesn't fluctuate much in temperature or humidity. Your oil will thank you with smooth engine performance.

The Seal of Protection

Storage containers are your oil's armor. Without proper protection, the elements can break down the oil's key properties. That means using containers with a seal that would make Fort Knox envious. Air is another adversary; it causes oxidation and can turn your golden oil into black sludge. Sealing it away protects it against these threats.

Keeping It Under Wraps

Your oil isn’t a fan of the spotlight. Direct sunlight can heat the bottled and drummed oil, causing it to cook prematurely. If that sounds wasteful, it's because it is! A good practice is to choose a cover or container that light can’t seep through. Think of your oil as a vampire and sunlight as something it actively avoids.

The ABCs of Storage Labels

We’re firm believers in the saying, "out of sight, out of mind," except when it comes to oil. Oil requires distinct labels. A quick scrawl is all you need. Just write the date and the oil's type. This way, you know your oil is within eyesight and arm’s reach and can find what you’re looking for easily.

Have Regular Oil Checkups

Do you give regular checkups to your motor oil? If not, you might want to start. Regularly inspecting bottles can help you detect leaks immediately without facing unwanted debris later. Bridge the gap between your wallet and irrigation.

Part Ways the Right Way

Old motor oil and the environment don't mix well. So don't pour old oil down the drain. Instead, you want to do it cleanly and with respect. Use a separate container for your old oil, and find a recycling facility to take it off your hands. It's the eco-friendly way to end things.

These steps will help ensure you store motor oil properly and that it’s ready to use when needed. Always store responsibly. And on that note, why not give your storage a little racetrack-flavored love? Check out Driven Racing Oil's hot rod oil to give your ride the care of a champion. You’ll finally love gliding on the road again in your vehicle.

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