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Justin Hall

Type of Vehicle/Bike/Machine:

Ultra 4 4500 Class Race Car

Second Vehicle/Bike/Machine:

2013 Ram 2500 Diesel

Engine Modifications/Specs

414 Stroker LS Enginer

How long have you been racing?

15 years

What sanctioning body (bodies) to you race?

Ultra 4 USA, NorCal Rock Racing

What is your class(es)?

4500 Class

Career Highlights:

Justin Hall, driver for RockHard Racing, has had an exceptional past few years with winning the 2013 and 2014 W.E.Rock National Championships, and Top 3 in 2015 W.E.Rock National Championship. In 2017, Justin, went out to Wellington Australia and placed 2nd place in the Ultimate Rock Sports Supercrawl event.


Justin has also won the 2015 Ultra 4 Nationals Race. In 2016 the team started off with a Top 10 finish at the 2016 King of the Hammers Everyman Challenge Race. With enough season points accumulated Justin was crowned the 2016 Ultra 4 4500 Western Series Champion as well as getting 2nd place in the Ultra 4 4500 Nationals Points Chase. In 2017, Justin won the NorCal Rock Racing Championship in the 4500 class. In 2018, Justin was crowned the first American to win an International Rock Crawling title, winning the Australian Rock Crawling series in the Unlimited Class at the Ultimate Rock Sports Challenge. Additionally winning 2nd place in the 2018 NorCal Rock Racing Series. In 2019, Justin placed 3rd at King of the Hammers, and placed in the top 3 all season long of the 2019 NorCal Rock Racing Series, which landed him the Season Champion in the 4500 class. For the 2021 Season Justin placed 4th at King of the Hammers, Won the Ultra 4 Crandon Classic, and placed 3rd at Nationals. As well as a 2nd place overall in the series of the NorCal Rock Racing. For 2023 Justin took 4th place at King of the Hammers, Won the Ultra 4 Crandon Classic and 2nd Place at the Mid American Outdoors Visions Offroad

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What makes you DRIVEN?

You have to be Driven to be the very best version of yourself in all aspects of life, racing included. Being Driven comes from within and it is something that you either have it or you don't. For me, being challenged with Crohn's Disease and being put on my death bed because of it is what drives me. I knew I had to be Driven to get through that and show everyone in the world who is struggling with something that no matter what life throws in front of you, drive over it and keep going. In my industry we do just that, literally, drive over any obstacle put in front of us. Stay Driven Folks!