I am DRIVEN » Jimmy Johnson


Jimmy Johnson

Type of Vehicle/Bike/Machine:

'65 Plymouth Belvedere

Second Vehicle/Bike/Machine:

2008 Chrysler 300

Engine Modifications/Specs

572 c.i. B1 Mopar

How long have you been racing?

24 years

What sanctioning body (bodies) to you race?


What is your class(es)?

NSS, no box, box

Career Highlights:

2000 track champion- Mid Mich. Motorplex., NHRA walley winner, Numerous video and magazine publications, also in several published catalogs and youtube videos.

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What makes you DRIVEN?

I use several.  The first that comes to mind is : If at first you don't succeed,  keep on sucking till you do succeed.  In other words,  Never give up.