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Chad Anderson

Type of Vehicle/Bike/Machine:

Drift Car - BMW E46

Second Vehicle/Bike/Machine:

Tow Rig - Ford Expedition

Engine Modifications/Specs

Gen 2 Coyote 5.0L with Roush Supercharger

How long have you been racing?

6 Years

What sanctioning body (bodies) to you race?

Riverside Drift, Gridlife, Drift Indy, Lake Erie Pro Am

What is your class(es)?

Shootout Competitions and Festivals

Career Highlights:

2nd Place Lake Erie Pro Am, 1st Place Drift Indy Teams

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What makes you DRIVEN?

I have always had an extreme passion for the automotive world ever since I was a young boy. Getting behind the wheel of a vehicle you put thousands of hours of work into, and being able to see the hard work pay off after an event just makes you want to come back for more. The extreme desire to make the car better, or improve on your skills is a never-ending curiosity that drives you to work hard on and off the track.