Oil Change Kits

Oil Change Kits from Driven Racing Oil take the guesswork out of picking the best oil and filter combination for your high-performance late model GM engine.

All kits conveniently match premium quality Driven Racing Oil with WIX XP Filters to provide optimum protection for high-performance GM applications. Kits are available for GM LS engines requiring 5W-30 viscosity, as well as GM Gen V direct injection engines requiring 0W-20, 5W-30, 0W-40, & 15W-50 viscosities.

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More About Oil Change Kits

The Purpose of Oil Changing Kits

Changing your oil is an integral part of maintaining a high-performance engine. Whether it’s getting rid of debris, reducing overheating, or reducing general wear and tear, it’s vital that you periodically supply your engine with fresh oil.

However, there isn’t always time to take your car to the shop for an oil change. Plus, changing your oil at home is extremely easy and cost-effective if you have a reliable home oil change kit.

How To Choose the Right Oil Change Kit

Selecting the right oil changing kit depends heavily on your vehicle's specific needs and your knowledge on car maintenance. The first step is to determine what kind of oil your engine needs - conventional, synthetic or synthetic-blend. You'll also want to look for an oil change kit with a filter since most vehicles require an oil filter change during a routine oil change. If you're not particularly nifty with vehicle maintenance, go with a quick and easy kit with all the included tools for an effective change. If you're a professional, you'll probably want to opt for a high-performance oil change kit with all the necessary components and features for your demanding engine.

Why Get Your Oil Changing Kit From Driven Racing Oil?

Using an oil change kit from a team that understands competitive race engines ensures that your vehicle is in good hands. Our team thinks with the mind of an engine builder, and understands the intricate workings of high-performance engines. We use this knowledge to formulate all our oil change kits to match the specific needs of our customers.

Opting for an oil change kit from Driven Racing Oil eliminates the chance of making mistakes when using DIY kits you get from the big box stores. Each part of our kit makes it incredibly easy to change your oil the right way every time.