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Using a reliable transmission fluid is vital to ensuring the smooth and well-ordered operation of your vehicle's transmission. We offer a wide range of automatic and dual clutch racing transmission fluids that are formulated for high temperature protection and shear stability.

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Description: Driven’s AT3 Synthetic Racing Automatic Transmission Fluid features multifunctional additives, corrosion inhibitors and foam suppressors. It also features high temperature protection and shear...More Details »
Item #: 04706
Condition: New

Description: AT6 is a full synthetic Racing ATF that features mPAO, the most innovative synthetic base oil available. Features multifunctional additives, corrosion inhibitors and foam suppressors. It also...More Details »
Item #: 04806
Condition: New

Description: The most basic gear oil offered by Driven, GL-4 protects yellow metals and provides proper synchronization to prevent clashing in synchronized manual transmissions. Best suited for use in classic...More Details »
Item #: 04530
Condition: New

Description: STF Synthetic Synchromesh Transmission Fluid STF protects gears, bearings and internal clutches in extreme heat environments such as those experienced by track day cars and race vehicles. By...More Details »
Item #: 04006
Condition: New

Items 1-4 of 4

More About Transmission Fluids

Transmission Fluid Types

Automatic Transmission Fluid

Automatic transmission fluid is engineered and optimized for vehicles with automatic transmissions. Using a reliable automatic transmission oil helps with cooling and lubricating your transmission, smoothing gear shifting, and transmitting power. Our automatic mixture contains multifunctional additives, foam suppressors and corrosion inhibitors.

Dual Clutch Transmission Fluid

Dual clutch transmission fluid is a lubricant designed for vehicles using a dual clutch transmission (DCT). Like ATF, dual clutch performance transmission fluid provides extremely smooth gear shifting. Some other primary functions of DCT fluid are cooling your transmission, lubricating your bearings and gears, and offering hydraulic pressure to engage the clutches. Our dual clutch mixture is specially designed to work at low operating temperatures, making it ideal for both wet and dry style dual clutch transmissions.

Synthetic Synchromesh Transmission Fluid (STF)

Synthetic synchromesh transmission fluid is optimal for vehicles with manual transmissions with synchronized gears. Not only does STF provide excellent lubrication for bearings and gears, it also helps prevent general wear and improves shifting characteristics. We use superior additives in our synthetic synchromesh transmission fluid to provide optimal protection and outstanding synchronizer performance.