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Air cooled engine oil is specifically formulated to meet the needs of engines that rely on air cooling. It is designed to provide superior heat dissipation and lubrication in high-temperature conditions, preventing engine overheating and reducing wear and tear. The unique composition helps maintain optimal engine performance and prolong engine life under the unique conditions of air-cooled systems.

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Description: DT50 utilizes advanced mPAO synthetic base oils to provide protection for high operating temperature turbocharged engines. Also ideal for Porsche and Volkswagen air-cooled engines. Compatible with...More Details »
Item #: 02806
Condition: New

Description: DT50 15W-50 Synthetic Street Performance Oil - - 54 Gal. Drum DRIVEN DT50 Racing Oil is formulated for High Performance Engines/Racing applications only. This engine oil will NOT MEET any current API or OEM Engine Oil Specifications.
Item #: 02820
Condition: New
Price: $2,463.53

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